Environmental Law


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Collana: Studi di attualità giuridiche
Anno di pubblicazione: 2018
Materia: Diritto amministrativo

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I. Characteristics of environmental problems and protection models of the environment founded on the private law: I. The twelve features of environmental problems. II. Protection models. The management of environmental problems entrusted to private law.

II. Environment protection models entrusted to the State intervention:I. Command and control. II. Market Tools.

III. Legal qualification of environment: I. Significance of the matter and analysis of the main theses. II. The environment as a duty. III. Some corollaries of the theory.

IV. The principles: I. The responsibility as expressed by principles. II. Sustainable development.

V. The environment in the Constitution, in the European Law and in the International Law Framework: I. A look at the Italian legal system: Environment, Constitution and legislative competence. II. Environment in the European Union. III. The Environment in the EHCR (European Convention on Human Rights) and in the International Law.

Fabrizio Fracchia is Full Professor of Administrative Law at Bocconi University, Milan. He is the author of numerous works and books on Public Law, Administrative Law, Environmental Law and Public Procurement. Visiting Scholar at University of California (Berkeley) and George Washington University; Honorary Visitor at School of Law University of Manchester. Winner of the 2001 Prix Michel Despax awarded by the European Council for Environmental Law. Winner of the 2014 Arthur Cox Visiting Research Fellowship, Trinity College, Dublin. Research periods in Granada, Oxford; Reading, Buenos Aires, La Plata.

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