Organizing decision-making systems

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Sottotitolo:                      Urban governance in the big data era
Autori:                               Francesca Loia
ISBN:                                  979-12-5976-295-5
N. Pagine:                         210
Anno Pubbl.:                   2022
Collana:                             puntOorg
Numero:                            93
Lingua:                               Inglese


ISBN: 979-12-5976-295-5 COD: 979-12-5976-295-5 Categoria: Tag:


This book offers an integrated framework on urban governance that combines organizational studies on decision-making with smart city literature.

The lens of the co-evolutionary approach is used as an enlightening perspective through which to look at decision-making for urban governance.

This book, by combining the organizational science insights with knowledge from statistics and computing science, proposes a decision-support architecture in which advanced tools (Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis and Fuzzy Cognitive Maps) are organized to provide information on the stakeholders’ sentiments and perceptions toward the city, to integrate it into a collective perception and to test possible interventions through scenario analyses.

This book carries out a large-scale text analytics study on two selected Italian cities (Salerno and Siena), providing an example application of the methodologies which allows drawing the implications and the potential of the model, as well as its limitations and needs for future research.

This book is not a technical manual: it is addressed to all those that have a propensity to adopt a new way of thinking about the decision-making processes in complex contexts.

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