Generative semiotics for organizational research and action

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Autori: M. Iannotta, P. Polidoro
Collana: puntOorg
Numero: 107
Anno: 2023
Pagine: 236
Lingua: Inglese


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This book is about narratives and narrativity, which is the principle that organizes every narration.

This book deals with A. J. Greimas’ theory of meaning generation to provide a complete representation of its theoretical foundations, modes of application, and contributions to organizational research and practice.

The aim is to offer an in-depth understanding of Greimasian semiotics, contributing to make its logics and methods fully available to organizational knowledge.

It is recommended to scholars, managers and practitioners who are interested in studying organizations through the structures of their narratives and want to adopt Greimasian categories to construct, interpret, or expand organization-related categories.

It is recommended to young researchers who want to learn how to adopt a generative lens on organizational issues, bearing in mind that it is a journey in which both narrators and recipients have a role in making sense of narratives.


Michela Iannotta is Associate Professor in Organization Studies and Human Resource Management. She coordinates the Doctoral ASSIOA Winter School “Narratives in Organizational Research”. Her main research interests focus on work organization, diversity and inclusion, and research methods in organizational studies. Her work has been published in national and international journals and books.

Piero Polidoro is Full Professor of Semiotics at LUMSA University in Rome, where he coordinates the master’s degree program in Communication, Innovation and Experience design. His main research interests are General Semiotics, Visual Semiotics (visual perception, visual identity, visual narration), Digital media and Experience design. His approach is based on interpretative and structural Semiotics.

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