An Overview on European Commercial Law

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Luigi Ferrajoli is a lawyer, accountant and tax adviser; he graduated in Law, Economics, Fiscal and Economic Security Science and Political Science.

He is a barrister qualified to appear before the Court of Cassation and the owner of the Ferrajoli Tax & Law Firm, founded in 1997, a uni en iso 9001 quality certified organization since 2004, with offices in Bergamo, Brescia and Pavia.

Luigi Ferrajoli is a registered freelance journalist and he has been an important contributor for the national newspaper “Il Sole 24 Ore” and for other major ltalian specialized newspapers and journals such as “Il Fisco”, “Guida Normativa” and “Guida al Diritto”.

Luigi Ferrajoli taught at the Academy of Economy and Finance “E. Vanoni” of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and at the Academy of Police of the Tax lnvestigation Guard.

Luigi Ferrajoli is author of many volumes related to the fiscal field, teaches at the Master in Tax Law organized by the 24Ore Business School, being member of the Scientific Committee too.

He holds classes at Masters for continuing professional education and at the “Scuola di Alta Formazione SAF Lombardia”.

He is scientific director of the magazine “Accertamento e Contenzioso” published by the Euroconference Group.

He has been contract professor at the University of Salerno and nowadays he is contract professor at the University of Naples – Federico II.

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