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This book presents a curated collection of writings from members of the Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism (SCOS), past and present, on the nature of studying organizations.

Because the scholarly membership has emerged over 30 years, it summarises what the process of Becoming SCOS has involved.

Members recount their personal and intellectual Journeys in SCOS, highlighting the conceptual, geographic and professional experience of being a part of the community.

Organizers of the annual conference detail the myths, challenges, and experiences accompanying attempts at Organizing SCOS conferences in the developing traditions of the community.

Here be Dragons; contributor also reflect on the transformations the community has brought about, in the promotion of applying a symbolic lens to the understanding of organization.

This book is recommended to readers looking for alternative, symbolic, aesthetic and embodied perspectives on organization. To those who are not intimidated by a lack of hypotheses and mainstream approaches to theorizing, but who wish to develop a passion and joy in organizational scholarship.

You will not find a conventional history of theory development or establishment of scientific doctrine in these pages, but essays, poetry and photography that invites you to share the SCOS commitment to scholarship as an encounter with the unknown, and as serious fun.

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