Race, Ethnicity and Inclusion

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Anno di pubblicazione: 2018
ISBN: 978-88-9391-273-0



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This book brings together different perspectives, research and experiences on Race and Ethnicity.

This book is rooted in the belief that we are all born equal regardless of the colour of our skin, beliefs and culture. But our society is still far from equal.

This book is about people’s identity, belonging and relationships. But it’s also about racism, discrimination and conflict.

The focus is on exploring and understanding how matters related to race and ethnicity affect society as a whole, groups and individuals.

The angle is different perspectives in private and professional lives, from both academic and personal viewpoints.

The lens used is inclusion, with the aid of an open mind, in order to access unspoken realities, unknown (hi)stories and to share private experiences that too often remain silenced.

We suggest reading this book to everybody, because we all identify with a race and an ethnic background, but we need to listen to other voices to become truly inclusive in our minds and practices.

We dissuade readers from thinking in binaries – black and white; rich and poor; in-groups and out-groups; majority and minority ethnic groups – because history, societies and politics are malleable, changeable and open to interpretation.

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