Migrations, Rule of Law and European Values

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Autori: A. Di Stasi, R. Palladino, A. Festa (edited by)
Collana: Freedom, Security Justice: European Legal Studies
Numero: 10
Anno: 2023
Pagine: 316

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This book is the result of a cultural project conceived by a number of lecturers of the University of Salerno and widely shared among scholars from Italian and foreign universities and research institutions. Following a call for proposals, the Legal Observatory on the European Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (FSJ Observatory), together with the PRIN research groups “International Migrations, State, Sovereignty and Human Rights: Open Legal Issues” and the Jean Monnet Module “Democracy and Rule of Law: A New Push for European Values (EU-DRAW)”, invited young researchers (PhD candidates, postgraduates, postdoctoral fellows, etc.) to present and discuss their scientific work in a workshop held at the University of Salerno on 25 May 2023. The research carried out in this volume is based on the awareness that the (always) sensitive management of the migration phenomenon remains an extremely critical factor for each European State, for the Union as a whole, and for other international organizations. It is also a general “challenge” to the effective guarantee of human rights (both substantive and procedural), in conflict with the values of the rule of law and respect for human dignity, as a unifying element in the affirmation of the indivisibility of human rights in relation to the rights of migrants.

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