Urban Commons for Good Living

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Sottotitolo: A Comprehensive Design Principle
Autore: Massimo Frigerio
Collana: Studi tecnici e giuridici
Numero: 5
Anno: 2023
Pagine: 96
Lingua: Inglese



ISBN: 979-12-5976-386-0 COD: 979-12-5976-386-0 Categorie: , Tag:


These pages summarise the considerations and analysis on how cities have evolved to their present morphology and how they could regenerate, for our good living, to cope with the climate change challenge.

The topic is treated as a short digression looking for the most suitable configuration to transform cities into more liveable ecosystems, capable to learn, self-improve and evolve in the near future as well as in a long-term perspective, on the basis of a new contemporary scale of priorities.

For this reason, embracing a comprehensive design principle becomes the one and only approach for present, forward-looking projects of urban regeneration. Milan is no exception and, being the author’s city, it has been elected as example of recent case studies aiming at improving citizens’ quality of life.

This reading offers some focused considerations to professionals, municipalities and institutions in general to rethink and re-design the urban body with the immediate attention and sensitivity required by the critical point we have reached so far.

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