The Company in the Backpack

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Anno di pubblicazione: 2019
ISBN: 978-88-9391-630-1



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ISBN: 978-88-9391-630-1 COD: 978-88-9391-630-1 Categorie: , , Tag: , ,


The Company in the Backpack is both a business and life narrative.

The Company in the Backpack talks about Elmeco: a company that from a small craft workshop has risen to be an international player in the slush machine market, for it introduced the first Slush Machine, invented by Salvatore Cortese.

The Company in the Backpack is about a journey that involves several generations. From Vico San Liborio, in Naples’ Spanish Quarters, to far away destinations all over the world.

Because traveling means engaging more than one sense: talent and body. Or both.

Because an organization can be narrated in several different ways: through Storytelling or Case Study. Or both.

We recommend this book to those who firmly believe that there is no one way of growing to organize, just as there isn’t in order to organize to bring about growth.

We dissuade those who are convinced that there is no space for development and for redeeming recovery in the South of Italy.

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