Social inclusion of vulnerable groups in the IPA Adriatic Area

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N. Pagine: 140
Collana: Frontiere delle scienze sociali
Anno di pubblicazione: 2017
Materia: Sociologia
ISBN: 978-88-9391-108-5



ISBN: 978-88-9391-108-5 COD: 978-88-9391-108-5 Categorie: , , Tag: , ,


This book concerns the social, economic and scholastic inclusion of vulnerable groups in the IPA Adriatic Area, identifying the main factors underlying their socioeconomic position, with particolar reference to the cultural barriers to inclusion. Moving from a semiotic analysis of the media representations of homelessness, the volume then presents an in-depth sociological examination of the most effective educational policies for integration of the culturally-diverse in Europe and a comparative statistical gender analysis of the situation and trend over recent years across the European States, with a close look at the IPA Adriatic countries.

Marianna Boero is Adjunct Professor of Semiotics of Advertising and Consumption (Department of Media Studies, University of Teramo, Italy). Her research mainly focuses on semiotics of advertising and consumption, semiotics of culture and media representation of “Otherness”.

Rina Manuela Contini holds a Ph.D in Social Sciences and is an Expert in “Welfare Theories and Social Intervention” (Department DEA, University of Chieti-Pescara, Italy). Her research focuses on migration, educational policies, interculturality in multi-ethnic schools.

Annalina Sarra is an Assistant Researcher at the Department of Legal and Social Sciences, University of Chieti-Pescara (Italy). Her research area encompasses methods of spatial epidemiology, spatial statistics, IRT models and Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), with applications to environmental and social phenomena.

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