Construction Contract, Arbitration and ADR

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Anno di pubblicazione: 2015
Materia: Diritto civile
ISBN: 978-88-6342-796-7



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The European Society of Construction Law (ESCL) is an international association involving eighteen national construction law societies in Europe. Its main purpose is to promote the study and knowledge of the legal framework of building and construction contracts. This aim is pursued through scientific publications and the organization of events, among which the most important is the Annual Conference, that in 2014 was organized by the Italian Society of Construction Law (ISCL) putting together many leading experts around a topic of great interest both from a scientific and practical point of view.

The paramount importance of ADR in the world of economics and business comes from the need of the parties to resolve legal construction disputes outside the patterns of ordinary justice. The Conference records – ranging from the development of infrastructure and long-term investments to the role of the expert witness in arbitration proceedings on contruction contracts, from the technical aspects of multiparty issues in construction arbitral disputes to the practical profiles of identifying the best strategies and tactics for using mediation to resove such disputes – show that the well-known advantages of arbitration, if applied to an area so important to modern economies, may lead to an important strengthening and to further development of the construction sector.

Giovanni Iudica is Senior Contract Professor and former Full Professor of Civil Law at Bocconi University in Milan. Member of ELI (Association for a European Law Institute) and former member of SGECC (Study Group on a European Civil Code), he is also President of the Italian Society of Construction Law (ISCL) and has been President of the European Society of Construction Law (ESCL), of which he is currently Second Vice President.

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