Towards Safe Food

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Autore: Piera Campanella (edited by)
N. Pagine: 430
Collana: Fuori collana
Anno di pubblicazione: 2024


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This volume collects the outcomes of Ali-Menti (https://alimenti. an interdisciplinary project aimed at investigating the issue of food security focusing on the meat industry. The book, in the part where it proposes a multi-voiced declination of the concept of food security, outlines an unprecedented path on a subject generally treated according to more classical approaches. Moreover, the analysis of the Italian meat supply chain allows to deal with a lot of current questions: from climate change to animal welfare to the health and safety of workers and consumers.

Contributions by: L. Angelini, E.-M. Bagarotto, E. Barberis, S. Battistelli, M.L. Biccari, P. Campanella, E. Carloni, F. Cazzini, A. Damiani, A. Fabbri, D. Freddi, C. Lazzari, A. Pagano, R. Palavera, P. Polidori, C.E. Pupo, G. Remotti, G. Renzi, E. Righini, R. Rombaldoni, E.A. Rossi, M. Rubechi.

Piera Campanella is Professor of Labour Law at the University of Urbino Carlo Bo (Department of Law). She was project Coordinator of Fairness, freedom and Industrial Relations across Europe: up and down the meat value chain (MEAT-UP-FFIRE), financed by the European Commission, DG Employment and Social Affairs (VS/2018/0014).  She is author of books, articles and other publications on the subject of trade union and labour law.