Sport in European Policies

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In this volume, the Author deepens the importance and the function of sports and recreational activities as a factor of cohesion and social integration.

The analysis is carried out by comparing the Italian experience with those of other European countries and of the USA. Sport as a factor of social integration was, in particular, observed with regard to French, Spanish and American policies, with a focus on the issues of gender equality and related pay differences in sport and in the world of school and inter-university competitions. Finally, the role of the tax variable in these areas was analyzed.

The work helps to clarify the centrality of policies of orientation and development of sport as a balancing of social differences and element of popular aggregation.

Francesco Ferrajoli, graduated in Law, after his experience at the XXVII Master in Tax Law at the “24Ore Business School”, has approached the research activity, focusing on a comparative study of the tax systems of the countries of the Union and on the role of sport in European policies.

He is a member of the Scientific Committee at the Interdepartmental Research Center “Raffaele d’Ambrosio” LUPT of the University of Naples – Federico II and Secretary of the Scientific Council of the first level Master for the training of Sport Managers, organized by the Department of Political Sciences (DISP) of the same University.

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